Post Road Foundation




Through applied research, the Post Road Foundation helps communities develop intelligent, broadband-connected infrastructure to drive digital inclusion, efficient resource management and economic growth. Our new, non-profit platform helps to bridge the gap between communities and institutional investors by reducing capacity barriers to the development and funding of sustainable infrastructure, particularly in places lacking 21st century communications.  This approach has the potential to scale quickly for significant social, economic, and environmental impact.  Our model could provide cutting-edge, high-speed internet access to millions of rural and poor urban households and businesses, reduce CO2 emissions by millions of metric tons per year, and reduce water consumption by billions of gallons per year.

We are in the process of selecting three pilot communities to conduct pre-feasibility studies on the costs and benefits of deploying the fiber optic networks needed to support sustainable infrastructure. We have also embarked on a close collaboration with research teams from the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Law School to conduct research on a number of key issues affecting investment in sustainable infrastructure.